metaBOX case system

Gets you organized. Once and for all!


The metaBOX provides order and efficiency.

How can you expect to work efficiently if your tools, accessories and consumables are lying around everywhere? PLASTON has the answer: Get organized! Once and for all! With the new metaBOX case system. The robust cases in a wide range of sizes can be connected to other cases and stacked. Cases from other suppliers can also be combined with the metaBOX. This helps organize your workshop as well as your van, and makes your construction site more efficient.
  • robust storage and transportation solution for tools, accessories and consumables
  • the metaBOX cases convey value and quality of the content
  • UN-approved for the transportation of rechargeable batteries exceeding > 100Wh: additional information
  • creates order and structure, increases efficiency
  • connectable thanks to a simple rotary interlock connection
  • can be connected to other conventional case systems with the multi-adapter plate
  • each case also has a lid handle so that the entire stack can be lifted with one hand
  • mobile in combination with a roll plate and trolley
  • metaBOX for all: Colour of the case and the functional elements, such as handles, fastenings and rotary interlock are  produced based on your corporate identity colors.
  • individual printing options (single or multi-coloured): hot stamping, digital printing, pad printing or screen printing.
Plaston Metabox EN

FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW The metaBOX. Excellent design and functionality, right down to the very last detail.

The functional highlights of the metaBOX at a glance. Can be opened while stacked.

METABOX models




Inner dimensions: 239x147x40 mm
Weight: 0,46 kg

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metaBOX 118 S


Inner dimensions: 379 x 268 x 83 mm
Weight: 1,44 kg

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metaBOX 145S


Inner dimensions: 379 x 268 x 110 mm
​Weight: 1,57 kg

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metaBOX 215S


Inner dimensions: 379x268x180 mm
Weight: 1,93 kg

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metaBOX 340S


Inner dimensions: 379 x 268 x 305 mm

Weight: 2,51 kg

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metaBOX 95M


Inner dimensions: 417 x 314 x 58 mm
Weight: 1,52 kg

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metaBOX 145M


Inner dimensions: 429 x 317 x 110 mm
Weight: 1.95 kg 

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metaBOX 145L


Inner dimensions: 479x268x110 mm
Weight: 1,85 kg

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metaBOX 165L


Inner dimensions: 479x268x130 mm
Weight: 1,95 kg

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metaBOX 280L


Inner dimensions: 479x268x245 mm
Weight: 2,50 kg

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Inner dimensions: 577x361x148 mm
Weight: 3,50 kg  

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Whether individual or stacked: the metaBOX is always comfortable to hold – thanks to front, lid and side handles.


Front handle

  • For carrying a single case close to your body
  • For removing it from a shelf or vehicle
  • Can be retracted so that it is flush with the surface of the case

Lid handle

  • For transporting multiple, stacked cases
  • For pushing stacks of cases on the rollplate
  • Can be retracted so that it is flush with the surface of the case
Seitengriff (2)

Side handle

  • Recessed grip on the left and right side of the case
  • Ergonomically integrated in the side
  • Makes it easier to remove the case from shelves


metaBOX for all. The metaBOX comes in black as standard – and any colours as per your request. The experts from PLASTON are only too pleased to give you advice – you can choose:

metaBOX_Key Visuals 3x3

Case colour

Select the colour of the base and lid of your metaBOX to match your corporate identity colours.

Bild Funktionselement-min

Functional elements

Decide on the colour of the handles, latches and rotary interlock to connect individual cases.



Turn the metaBOX into a brand ambassador by having your logo printed on the lid and latches.

Foam Inlay


What starts on the outside is continued inside: the wide number of case options available is also reflected in the variety of inserts and assortment kits available for the case interior. Regardless of what needs to be stored or transported: PLASTON has just the right interior fittings – or, if not, the experts from PLASTON will develop and produce a new and individual solution for you.


The metaBOX for quick and easy access

If you would like to have quick access to tools and consumables, the top-opening toolBOX is just what you need. The toolBOX is available in four different sizes, and you can connect it to any other size of metaBOX. Once raised, the handle clicks in place, thus making the toolBOX safer to use. You can decide how the open toolBOX is arranged inside. Whatever option you choose, you still can transport up to 25 kg in weight.




Toolbox 118S

Inner dimension: 379 x 268 x 113 mm

Weight: 1,25 kg

Volume: 8,6 l

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Toolbox 145S

Inner dimension: 379 x 268 x 140 mm

Weight: 1,35 kg

Volume: 11,3 l

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Toolbox 215S

Inner dimension: 379 x 268 x 210 mm

Weight: 1,65 kg

Volume: 18,4 l

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Toolbox 340S

Inner dimension: 379 x 268 x 335 mm

Weight: 2,20 kg

Volume: 31,0 l

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Multi- Adapter Plate


The metaBOX can stand, lie, hang, roll and carry other cases. The well-designed accessories make the case system even more sophisticated and increase flexibility.



roll plate


Carrying is a thing of the past. Now it’s time to roll. If you have multiple cases stacked to form a tower, you can use the rollplate to push them effortlessly, either beside or in front of you.

Multi- Adapter Plate

Multi-adapter plate

Do you own other case systems? Not a problem. With the multi-adapter plate, every metaBOX can now be combined with cases from Bosch, DeWalt, Festool/Tanos, Hikoki, Makita and Metabo, to be precise with the L-Boxx from Bosch, the T-Stak from DeWalt, the Classic Systainer and the T-Loc Systainer from Festool/Tanos, the HIT system from Hikoki, the MakPac from Makita and the Metaloc from Metabo.

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wall bracket

Wall bracket

The metaBOX also looks perfect in a hanging position. Simply mount the wall bracket wherever you wish and you can hang the metaBOX on the wall in the blink of an eye.

Shelve adapter plate

Shelve adapter plate

You have already installed a wonderful shelf system in your van, maybe even the one from Sortimo or BOTT. With the shelf adapter plate each metaBOX size if properly hold where you want it.



The trolley is the big brother of the roll plate, so to speak. The metaBOX cases are secured against sliding on base plate. Thanks to the large wheels, the trolley holding the tower of cases can be pushed or pulled wherever you need it on the construction site.

This metaBOX can also «talk»

Push-pins can be used to attach additional information to the inside of the lid – for example about other accessories that are compatible with the machine.
Another advantage: combine the transparent lid with a transparent plastic sheet to see the content of the metaBOX 118S for tiny consumables.
Connection Rail

Connection Rail

A metaBOX tower can also be transformed into a mobile workbench: mount a connection rail to the underside of the work surface and connect it on to the metaBOX tower. The rotary interlock on the top case connects it to the rail and thus to the work surface.

metaBOX document holster

Side pockets

Do you need to transport plans, a tablet or other documents? Pack everything into the side pockets! This will leave you with one hand free and be more efficient.


Carrying belt

Why not carry a metaBOX on your shoulder? Then your hands are free to carry other things. Simply "clip" the metal clip on the side of the case, attach the carrying strap and adjust its length according to your body size. The metal clip fits on every metaBOX - except to the small metaBOX 63XS, but this one can be connected to any larger metaBOX case.