Daily commitment to customers

The 400 or so PLASTON employees around the world know what drives them to work so hard every day, pouring in their expertise, innovative spirit and passion: their customers and plastic. Recognizing and fulfilling the future needs of the customer today whilst constantly astonishing them with their own new ideas is their drive and ultimate goal.

The innovation that the people at PLASTON develop, results in greater customer satisfaction, which in turn spurs on the drive for more innovations.

This cycle only works because the people at PLASTON are always ready, willing and open to scrutinize their own unique solutions. They enjoy thinking out of the box and in doing so are able to come up with new and sweeping ideas to push the products technologically to the next level. That is how the innovative strength is born, which impresses the customers and strengthens the company.

It is the people in the company, with their committed attitude to work, who bring about this personalized and economic growth. And it is the people in the company that convert the growth of the company into higher profits.

The PLASTON strategy is based on the three pillars: People & Culture, Growth and Profitability.