Plaston Group


Member of PLASTON Group

The PLASTON Group consists of PLASTON and BONECO. The PLASTON Group has three production sites and one sales location.

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Every year, PLASTON produces more than four million industrial cases and standard cases, making it the global leader in plastic packaging solutions. The company also produces technical plastic elements, which it assembles precisely into components. PLASTON's Service division supports each product every step of the way through its entire value added chain.

PLASTON assembles and packs complete air treatment systems for BONECO. For its part, BONECO focuses on the development and sale of air washers, humidifiers and air purifiers.


BONECO has been ensuring the availability of healthy air both at home and in the workplace for over 50 years. BONECO is a leading manufacturer of high quality air treatment systems that wash, humidify or purify the air.