Quality, as defined by PLASTON

For the professionals at PLASTON, the highest possible quality means to feel and recognize the individual wishes and needs of the customer, and to ultimately fulfill them. The customer may also be surprised and amazed, as the experts at PLASTON think and contribute through their experience. This is also reflected in our policies for quality and the environment.

PLASTON sees itself as part of the overall environmental system. Because of our strong convictions, we contribute to ensuring the sustainable safeguard of an ecological balance. We promote environmentally friendly materials and processes along the entire value chain and invest in environmentally friendly technology.

PLASTON complies with all the relevant environmental legislation and continually strives to improve its environmental performance.

Product quality is founded on process quality: All three PLASTON production plants – located in Switzerland, the Czech Republic and China – are ISO 9001 certified. They work with the corresponding Quality Management System, which is controlled centrally from the head office. This is how PLASTON ensures that the quality the customer wants is always the same, regardless of where the product is made.

PLASTON manufactures according to the principles of Lean Management. The manufacturing quality is geared to the benchmark of "Zero Defect Manufacturing", error-free production, and is based on high process reliability.

In order to continuously improve the production processes and products, the employees follow the PDCA cycle:
In real terms, the cycle of 'Plan, Do, Check, Act' ensures systematic and continuous development.

The three production sites enable the company to produce as close as possible to the customer. With shorter distances to travel, this reduces the company's CO2 emissions and also reduces their ecological footprint. Furthermore, PLASTON products can be recycled into the production process and reused. Right from the start when purchasing machine or machine parts, PLASTON strives to attain the highest possible level of energy efficiency. Its choice of packaging for the products is also driven by ecological considerations.

Because of their environmental management system, the plants in Swiss Widnau, Czech Sluknov and China are certified according to ISO 14001.