Ready for sale

Assembly of components

up to finished units ready for sale

PLASTON assembles components from individual plastic parts that have been, for example, made in different colors and with different plastic mixtures. Even metal and electronic parts are integrated in the assemblies as requested.

The assembly work can also be designed to create finished products that are ready for sale. For example, PLASTON assembles (and packs) all the air treatment systems for BONECO, which is also a member of the group.

Depending on the stage in the assembly process, this is either integrated directly in the production process or it is carried out afterwards in a semi-automated process or manually. The assembly lines are quick to set up and can be extended at any time. A six-arm robot takes care of the assembly of the industrial cases. Cameras check the completeness of each assembly. Final checks, depending on the product, also include a leak and functional test. PLASTON assembles technical parts to make components and finished products for the power tool industry, the sanitary and plumbing industry, the sector for medical and laboratory equipment and the healthcare sector.