Technical parts

Trim parts made from plastic

Visually and technically high-quality

Housing parts for drill hammers and surveying instruments, but also for coffee machines, medical equipment and air treatment systems, all have one thing in common: protective plastic trim parts from PLASTON.

When the customer specifies the shape and color of the plastic parts, they know they can rely on the experts at PLASTON to deliver a reliable product. PLASTON examines the corresponding 3D drawings to ensure that the plastic compliant design and the thickness of the walls are suitable for the plastic mixture required. PLASTON uses the simulation software Autodesk Moldflow Insight to specify the tool for the injection mold, so that they can make plastic parts without any delay and in exactly the right size. Depending on what the customer requirements are, the parts can also have a structure or a high-gloss finish. They can be either painted or have a chrome plating. There are various possible Finishing techniques for decorating or adding lettering to the parts.

PLASTON produces highly precisioned plastic parts principally for power tools, but also for measuring and surveying instruments, the sanitary and plumbing industry as well as for medical and laboratory equipment and, of course, household appliances.