Global Logistics and Supply Chain Services

Near to the customers and highly flexible when it comes to logistics

With production sites in Switzerland, the Czech Republic and China, PLASTON is always near its customers and can adapt flexibly to their logistical needs.

PLASTON sees the 'Just in time' concept as being something very comprehensive. It already starts in the planning phase, which includes the forecast figures from the customer, and goes right up to the assembly line where the product can be delivered directly.

Whether it is 'Ship to Line', Kanban or a consignment stock, the logistics specialists at PLASTON are familiar with every kind of logistics system and happy to provide professional advice so that the customer can also keep storage costs to an absolute minimum.

The customer can be assured at PLASTON that their plastic parts, assemblies or industrial cases will be delivered at the right time, in the right quantity and quality at the right place. The experienced logistics specialists also choose whether it is best to transport by land or sea, or even by air in exceptional cases, depending on the possibilities and options available.

PLASTON also ensures there is a safety stock level. There are 3,000 pallet spaces available at the production plant in Widnau, Switzerland alone. The plants in the Czech Republic and China also have sufficiently high storage capacities.

Our purchasing process is just as global and comprehensive as our logistics. While our strategic purchasing is conducted from our headquarters, we also have operational purchasers at our three production sites. These professionals know the ins and outs of plastic granules and color concentrates. Their expertise has a direct impact on the unit price of the finished product.

PLASTON processes around 10,000 tons of plastic every year. This equates to 40 tons per working day.