Pad printing

Pad printing: flexible and simple

Pad printing is rather simple and flexible. It can be used to print even curved areas.

This method is particularly suitable for printing single color lettering like model numbers on locks or on the sides of containers. Only a small amount of force is applied to the product, which is why pad printing is very versatile. Pad printing can also be integrated cost-effectively into an automated production process.

The pad printing method uses a soft silicone stamp (the pad). The image is etched into a plate, which is then filled with ink, the pad is pressed into the plate and picks up the ink from the etched area and it is then "stamped' onto the product.

Larger areas are therefore more difficult to apply: Depending on the nature of the product's surface, the printed image may be slightly distorted. Curved areas can be printed on directly with a pre-curved printed image. The rather soft, rubbery pad adapts and fits into uneven surfaces allowing more freedom in the design of the product.