Concept & Development services

The case: from the idea to the concept

Every case makes its first impression either through its functionality or its design. The design is dictated by the function and gives off a strong message at the same time. And PLASTON also gives off the same strong message when it comes to developing cases and technical parts.

Visual impact - a decisive force. That is why the design is of a high priority, even though it is subordinate to the practical function of the case. PLASTON discusses and agrees on the design with the customer to ensure that it is efficient to produce and will make an impact in the market. In addition to personal communication, the electronic exchange of data renders the design phase so much more efficient and steers the whole process to the desired goal with greater ease.

Experienced plastics engineers work together with the PLASTON development team. They provide the necessary specifications for the draft designs of the product.

In order to determine the production parameters, the specialists choose the materials and machines, and provide both manually and software-assisted calculations. They then cross-match the results with data acquired through their many years of experience.

When developing products, PLASTON works with the simulation software Autodesk Moldflow Insight, for a greater extension of the functionality. This means that they already have detailed results in the pre-project and development phase to design the correct layout for the tool (mold) and as a result make a high quality product.

The specialists at PLASTON play the part of comprehensive development and production partners. They drive every product life cycle further: The practical experience they gain predominantly during the sampling and pilot series phases, continuously flows into new developments.