New e-cars in all locations

Sustainability is not a marketing buzzword at PLASTON but has been deeply anchored in the corporate culture since the company was founded. That's why management and leading employees will only drive electric cars in the future. The vehicle fleet at all three sites – in Switzerland, the Czech Republic and China – has already been expanded to include new e-cars.
An important project among more than 100 sustainability initiatives that PLASTON has been working on since 2020. From smaller topics such as "Bike to Work" to major initiatives such as the installation of photovoltaic systems as well as resource efficiency and CO2 reporting.
The Swiss flagship company is guided by the specifications and goals of the United Nations. A dedicated Global Sustainability Officer looks after the company's progress in collaboration with three sustainability teams.
The management and all employees at PLASTON stand behind the numerous sustainability projects and work together towards a future worth living for everyone!