Get organized - once and for all!

With the new case system metaBOX from Plaston.

How can you work efficiently if power tools and accessories are lying around somewhere? PLASTON has the answer: Get organized! Once and for all! With the new case system metaBOX. The robust cases in different sizes can be connected and stacked. This is how system comes into the workshop and van, and efficiency to the construction site.
Just a quarter turn on the rotary Interlock and two cases are connected: stacking is very easy with the metaBOX. The case system that PLASTON is now introducing worldwide is initially available in six sizes, which already cover most needs. Regardless of which case is in which width, depth and height: connecting and stacking is always possible. The metaBOX is also stackable with other common case systems.
Whether the carpenter needs it in his workshop, the plumber in his van or the foreman on the construction site: the metaBOX system creates order and clarity everywhere. When everything is in its place, the work goes faster. It is also ergonomically well thought-out: with the front handle, the craftsman can easily carry individual cases, with the lid handle he can lift a whole stack. Inside each case, inserts ensure that tools and consumables can always be found.
PLASTON developed the metaBOX together with the well-known tool manufacturer Metabo. "Working together not only makes us happy, it also makes us proud," say the members of the project team, who are in close contact and exchange with Metabo. “Now, after an intensive development phase, we are ready with the metaBOX. It is of high quality and its functions are very well thought out. "
PLASTON also offers the case system to other tool manufacturers and other companies in general: The color of the case and the functional elements such as the handle, locks and rotary Interlock can be freely selected, and PLASTON prints the customer's logo as required.