Work at Plaston

Plaston Family

Whoever works at PLASTON is part of a family: "We are PLASTON" – that is what 400 employees around the world are proud to say. Over the years they have naturally developed a strong culture and common understanding in this family business.

Employees at PLASTON know that they can rely on each other. Through their joint efforts and deliberate lateral thinking, they can always surpass themselves and amaze their customers with unique solutions. This motivates and strengthens the feeling of togetherness. Members of the PLASTON family all pull together to make sure that the company can grow profitably and sustainably.

Looking after the talent of tomorrow, together

The spirit and culture of a family business are also reflected in the training of the apprentices. PLASTON takes its responsibility for the next generation very seriously and trains young people to become plastics technologists, design engineers, polymechanics, computer scientists and traders. During their apprenticeship, they also provide assistance in the social sector and meet regularly with the Chairman, Jörg Frei. And so the family grows together. Each and every apprentice that performs well can expect to have a job at PLASTON initially, after completing their training.