Organize your consumables!

With clever assortment accessories for the metaBOX.

One good idea leads to the next – you just have to see it: about a year ago PLASTON launched the coupleable metaBOX case. Not only have new case sizes been added to the range, but now there are also many new accessories that allow you to arrange in proper order.
Where is the washer with the right diameter? Or where are the bolts with the necessary length? The time for a long search has come to an end: PLASTON now offers the right inserts for the metaBOX case system. Now every consumption item has its own place or compartment. Screw, bolts, nails, plastic plugs, washers in different sizes: everything that would otherwise just be scattered around can now be stowed away smart and neat, near at hand at any time.
The range of various case inserts covers practically every current metaBOX case size. Even the smallest of the stackable and connectable cases, the metaBOX 63XS, can be equipped with dividers. Inserts with flexible plug-in compartments, with fixed compartments or with individually sized containers: everything is possible, including large bulk goods containers. In addition, foam and pluck foam inserts are available for the medium sized to large metaBOX cases: they reliably hold larger items and machines in place.
How does the proverb go again: A place for everything and everything in a place. The metaBOX, with its inserts, is somewhat newer than the proverb, but it still makes a case for it.