The key for even more efficiency.

Link different cases with the multi-adapter plate.

Thanks to the multi-adapter plate, the metaBOX can now be connected with cases from well-known powertool brands. With the multi-adapter plate nearly every case will now fit in the Sortimo shelf system. The key for even more order and efficiency.
Casper Koster from PLASTON is convinced: «The simplest ideas are the best; and lead to further innovations». Mr. Koster is responsible for the metaBOX case system and he is excited when it comes to the new multi-adapter plate. He is getting very positive feedback from professionals and craftsman, that the multi-adaptor plate is very handy indeed
Anyone using devices, power tools and consumables on a daily basis and likes order will appreciate the multi-adapter plate: Each metaBOX case can be connected with cases from Bosch, DeWalt, Festool, Hikoki and Makita. Simply place the multi-adapter plate on the metaBOX and fix it with the interlock then position the other case on top and click it !
The L-Boxx from Bosch, the T-Stak from DeWalt, the T-Loc Systainer from Festool/Tanos, the HIT System from Hikoki, the MacPac from Makita, the Classic Systainer from Tanos: they all become one unit that can now easily be transported in one go: walking umpteen times to and from the delivery truck to the construction site until everything is ready is now history.
«The multi-adapter plate also attaches cases in the Sortimo vehicle rack shelve system», adds Casper Koster. He also reveals another "trick" of the multi-adapter plate: the compartments on the top are ideal for keeping small parts such as bits and screws while working or repairing anything. Last but not least the screw holes in the plate can also be used to attach a bag, a multifunctional table or even a small device such as a compressor.