Machines à injecter

Injection molding machines of newest generation and top performance

Only those who remain technologically up-to-date can offer customers the optimum in terms of quality and quantity. PLASTON constantly invests in its machines, accessories and the building in order to promote automation and digitalization. Below you will find a short overview of the latest development regarding our production equipment.


Since 2014, PLASTON has put eight new injection molding machines into operation at the Widnau production site alone. They largely replace existing machines and produce technical & high gloss parts and cases. The new machines are mainly equipped with six-axis robots and partly with linear robots. The latest and most powerful machine develops a clamping force of up to 15,000 KN.  


In our production plant in the Czech city of Sluknov, we installed eight new machines over the past five years. The smallest machine has a clamping force of up to 2000 KN used for smaller technical parts. With the largest machines we produce industrial cases with a clamping force of up to 16,000 KN.


In the past three years, PLASTON's Jiaxing plant in China has mainly focused on its capacity expansion - with nine new machines. The clamping forces of these new machines range from 600 KN to 16,000 KN. In China - as in Widnau – we produce the Hilti case of the sixth generation. Each year, PLASTON produces more than four million plastic cases for Hilti and other customers, processing around 40 tonnes of plastic resin every day.