Président d'HONNEUR

Roland Frei

Roland Frei appointed Honorary President

The Board of Directors of PLASTON Holding AG has appointed former Chairman Roland Frei as its Honorary Chairman. This is a sign of special gratitude, honest appreciation and strong attachment.
Roland Frei impressively shaped and experienced the beginnings of PLASTON together with his father, Hans Frei. The two pioneers produced first plastic parts starting from 1956. The company grew, thanks to their unique zest for action, strong and continuous. Roland Frei took over operational management in 1973 and was elected Chairman of the Board in 1977, both as successor to his father.
In 2013, after a long period of strong expansion, Roland Frei passed the presidency to his son, Jörg Frei, but remained on the Board of Directors until 2017.
At the General Assembly of August 2018, the Board of Directors appointed Roland Frei as the Honorary Chairman. It should honor his life's achievements and his creative power.
Even after his active time, he has still been passionately and personally taking care of the apprenticeship program, both ideologically and financially. He regularly invites our apprentices to special events, be it sailing, pottery or a joint dinner.
In addition, through his personal Apprentice Fund, which he set up and funded, our apprentices have special activities each year. They work and collaborate with artists, once they learned how to cook or discovered how to use their own resources and potential.
The job as such does not create a career, the human being does, with its sense of working together, the social competence and the innovative strength.
Thanks, Roland Frei!