New automation system in the Czech Republic

A state-of-the-art automation system has been in operation at PLASTON's Czech plant in Šluknov since fall 2023, enabling the efficient production of case systems. The system produces over 1,500 modules per day.
The entire project cycle, including specification, preparation, ordering, production, and installation of the system, spanned just over a year. The workplace in the Czech Republic underwent restructuring, and the automation of the stacking process was expanded through the incorporation of a palletizing robot, assembly device, gravity feeder, PLC, and an electrical distributor. In addition to machine and electrical construction, PLASTON integrated a camera control station to verify logo print and assembly completeness, ensuring and securing product quality.
The investment in the new automation system underscores PLASTON's commitment to technological advancement and efficiency at all its locations. This system sets a clear benchmark for the future of industrial production within the company.