Christmas donation 2015

Insieme Rhine valley

"People with disabilities are equal members of our society."
insieme Rheintal

Our annual Christmas gift comes this year in the form of a donation to people with disabilties. We support the interest of the community «insieme» in St. Gallen Rhein-Valley (Switzerland). Our donation is being used for the organization's 2016 summer camp. This holiday adventure adds variety to daily life and promotes contact with new people outside the family or institution. In addition to recreation, games and fun, the program offers the chance for new discoveries and learning through playing.

Giving, receiving & sharing happiness

What happens if two people meet who have never seen each other before? And what happens if one of the both has a mental disability?

Doing something good together

Together as PLASTON Group, every year during the christmas season, we jointly donate money to a local organization at one of our location.

One world together

Movie in the occasion of the 55 year anniversary of insime Switzerland

We would like to thank insieme Rheintal for providing us the opportunity to help other people and this way to bring a bit more light, love and laughter into the world.

Alexander Gapp, CEO PLASTON AG