Mallette Hilti

New Hilti case awarded several times

When Hilti receives a prize for the design of its famous red cases, PLASTON celebrates. The red boxes with the white letters are made in Widnau/Switzerland and in Jiaxing/China. After receiving the "iF Design Award" in March 2018, Hilti got the "Red Dot Award" in addition.
It is the sixth generation of cases and Hilti is causing a stir again. And this sixth generation inspires the world of the designers as well. For this project PLASTON has been actively involved in the development, investing in high-precision machines as well as complex molds. Now they produce the plastic cases in Widnau and Jiaxing in 120 variants.
The Hilti case has become even better over the several generations - and has also continued to develop in terms of design. It has become, as Hilti themselves promote, a brand icon. The sixth generation has, in addition to the movable handle, an integrated, fixed handle, so that in one hand two suitcases can carry at the same time. And the interior can be configured individually, for example for consumables.
The employees of PLASTON are excited about the two design awards, the "iF Design Award" and the "Red Dot Award". They worked for months on this sixth generation and showed what they mean by creating innovation to serve the customer. Even more they are pleased about the compliment they have received from their long-term customer Hilti: "What our devices promise in terms of functionality, robustness and quality, must also be kept by our well-known red cases. PLASTON is being a reliable partner for over 50 years. Their advanced technology and equipment, as Hilti says," ensures that the latest generation of cases is just as reliable in the day-to-day operation on the world's construction sites as its contents."