Training workshop with LightUP Consulting

The support and training of apprentices is of great concern to PLASTON. In a one-day interactive workshop with Leadership Coach Martin Kozak from LightUP! Consulting, our vocational trainers in Widnau dealt with important questions about personality development:
- How do we tick ourselves?
- How do others "tick"?
- How can we strengthen each other?
After a short check-in with a round of introductions, the way we deal with ourselves and others was analyzed, and an individual personality profile was created for every participant. In a subsequent team activity, our trainers had to achieve a goal together and mirror their behavior based on their personality profile.
Our conclusion of this important training activity: more understanding, motivation, joy and pride in our uniqueness and important task of accompanying young people on their career path.
Many thanks to Martin Kozak from LightUP! for this inspiring day!