A matter of the heart rather than greenwashing

Sustainability at Plaston is not just a marketing buzzword, but it has been deeply rooted in the company culture for years.
Since 2015 about 40 new injection moulding machines have been purchased. The new machines are cutting edge and consume up to 60% less electricity compared to the older machines. In addition to that in all three plants the lighting was upgraded to more energy efficient LED. Since an electric energy data measuring system was introduced, the high consuming devices can be detected and monitored, hence appropriate measures can be determined with expected reduction of electric consumption by 10% in the following years.
Plaston invested a large amount for a complete overhaul of the fire protection facility in Widnau, Switzerland. In the next years all Plaston locations will use the exhaust heat of the injection mould machines and other devices. With that measure the building's heating becomes CO2-neutral.
A photovoltaic plant was successfully implemented at the location in Jiaxing, China and implementations at the plants in Switzerland and Czech Republic are planned in the medium term. Plaston directors and executives are already driving electric powered cars or are waiting for the delivery of ordered electric powered cars.
In summer 2020 the new function of a Global Sustainability Manager was created and filled. The GSM reports directly to the CEO. Based on the 17 SDG's (UN2030) seven targets were selected. Three project teams are working actively on sustainability topics.
Also, the customers are included in the goal to reduce the consumption of resources. So, in accord with the customer Plaston uses recycling-material which is milled internally or purchased. Plaston began gathering the stretch foils of purchased parts to extend its life cycle: A recycling partner processes the material so it can be used again as raw material to produce plastic wastewater pipes.
Plaston includes its employees in its sustainability targets. The "Bike to work" initiative was received well with positive reactions and high acceptance. The same can be stated about Plaston's option for Home Office and flexible work times. The apprentices of Plaston attended a sustainability week about sustainability and learned a lot about the different aspects of this topic. Plaston is proud to see the strong momentum in the right direction and about the positive perception from outside the company. So Plaston has performed in the top 3 in the ESG-survey by Plaston keep it up!