Formation 1956

The story of PLASTON began on February 6, 1956, when our founder, Hans Frei, started manufacturing plastic products in his parents’ garage. With the fabrication of his own line of products for the household market and the regional industry, he wanted to ensure his independence and flexibility during economic highs and lows. The determined implementation of his strategy during difficult times is still, 50years later, a source of awe and admiration.

Beside our founder Hans Frei, stands an endless list of others whose tracks are embedded in the foundation of PLASTON’s history: employees, customers, suppliers, service representatives and business associates who have become friends. They deserve our sincere thanks.

Milestones 1966

Investment in larger production machinery allowed us to distinguish ourselves from the cheaper imports from Asia, counter increasing wage-costs, and establish ourselves in the market. In 1966, PLASTON was one of the few companies among its competitors capable of producing large sized products.


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