Ultrasonic humidifier U7144

Warm or cool humidification the choice is yours

Comfort and Climate

  • Humidifies the air in rooms of up to 60 m2
  • Optionally cool or warm (40C) humidification
  • No reduction in room temperature in winter, as the water can be pre-heated to 80C before entering the nebulizer space
  • In summer, the mist keeps the air pleasantly cool
  • The powerful demineralization cartridge provides water mist without limescale (no white dust)

Water and hygiene

  • Pre-heating the water to approx. 80C helps to eliminate microbes
  • The newly developed Ionic Silver Stick (ISS) utilises the anti-microbial property of silver and provides up to a season's worth of optimal water quality maintenance in all AIR-O-SWISS and BONECO humidifiers. The ISS works even when the humidifier is switched off
  • Only use the appliance with untreated and not overly hard water
  • Use CalcOff, the cleaner and descaler for all humidifiers (use once a month)

Energy and output

  • Hygrostat and mist ouput regulator for controlled humidification
  • Low energy consumption
  • Very quiet operation

Features and benefits

  • Unique design with large LCD display
  • ITC function (Intelligent Temperature Compensation): fully automatic humidification control adapted to the temperature
  • Corrosion-resistant membrane surface made from titanium guarantees long service life
  • The mist can be distributed in the room in two directions using the double jet nozzle.
  • Timer
  • Empty and cleaning indicators
  • Water level easily visible thanks to transparent tank
  • Easy to use and clean


Technical Data
Mains voltage230 - 240 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption45 W (130 - 140 W*)
Humidity output up to400 g/h (550 g/h*)
Suitable for rooms up to60 m2 / 150 m3
Water capacity5.5 litres
Dimensions (mm)254 x 290 x 347
Weight (empty)4.0 kg
Operation noise level<25 dB(A)

Demineralisation cartridge

Ionic Silver Stick (ISS)

CalcOff (recommended)

* when used with pre-heating to 80 C



Ultrasonic humidifier U7144
Removable water tank for easy refills
for water mist without limescale
Water quality maintenance with Ionic Silver Stick