Combi unit 2071 (cleans and humidifies)

The combi system (air cleaner and humidifier) guarantees a healthy room climate throughout the year. Not only does it ensure pure air by removing even the smallest particles, it also ensures optimal humidity (evaporator system). This appliance efficiently reduces the levels of air pollutants such as pollen, dust, animal hairs and mites and creates a room climate in which allergy sufferers, in particular, can breathe a sigh of relief. The 2 HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) filters and the active carbon filter ensure that pollutants are reduced as much as possible by retaining 99.97% of particles > 0.3 microns.

Fresh air and a feel-good climate

  • 2 HEPA particle filters to protect against allergens such as pollen, dust, animal hairs and mites
  • Pollutant/odor filter (active carbon filter) with increased efficiency due to a new filter layout

Water and hygiene

  • Anti-bacterial evaporator cartridge

Energy and output

  • Extremely quiet operation modes
  • High-performance air circulation
  • Operating light (blue LED)

Features and benefits

  • Easy filter replacement
  • 2 detachable transparent tanks with 2 handles
  • Practical cable storage
  • Fragrance capsule for use with essential oils
  • Easy cleaning thanks to removable water base


Technical Data
Mains voltage230 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption Level I42 W
Humidity output up to Level IIIup to 250 g/h
Air circulation Level III190 m3/h
Suitable for rooms up to50 m2 / 125 m3
Dimensions (mm)550 x 600 x 330
Weight (empty)9.3 kg
Operation noise level<31 dB(A)

Evaporator cartridge
Active carbon filter

Accessories optionalIonic Silver Stick (ISS)



Combi Unit 2071
Removable water tank for easy refills